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Why Facebook blocked website URL | Reason & Solution

After we design our website suddenly when we want to share our website in social media like Facebook we keep getting message that something wrong;

Something Went Wrong” error

We tried searching and searching even we found people gain money to solve this issue, today we going to show you one of the best solution and for free, just support or you have the to option to donate and help us keep giving solutions and useful information.

The only way is to contact Facebook Team, How?? Follow the steps, I did and I succeed.

Follow the steps;

1- Copy or write your URL in this link.

2- Our solution only if you got this message:

3- Now you need to have a page in Facebook.

4- Go to Ad Center.

5- Go to Ads Manager.

6- Click Help.

7- Contact Support Team.

8- In Chat to support team,  fill in the form.

In Result, Facebook team support​ reply to us very fast and they solved the issue.

If you found our information is helpful share with us your experience and write a comment.

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