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Design Your Website Step By Step “Server & Domain & How To Customize” | Coming Soon

Design Your Website Step By Step “Server & Domain & How To Customize

Coming Soon

What You Will Learn Is More Valuable | Keep In Touch

After joining our course you learn how to build a website in cheap cost and for life.

We might be the first website blog doing that, our goals are sharing our experience to the world and help others start their business without any struggle.

Here are some of the content of coming course:

What is a website?
Why do we need a website?
Types of websites!
Brief difference between web programming.
The difference between websites and applications in terms of programming.
Choose a logo and a name for the site.

Domain Selection: https://www.CompanyName.Com/Net.
Choose the hosting for the site.
Website design.
Important information.

What’s is and how to add Plugin .
How to make the browser code secure for the website.
Control and overwrite the site files.
How to access the website database.
Solutions to problems that may occur.

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